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Building Superintendents and New York Wage and Hour Law: A Forgotten Profession

New York’s wage and hour law contains some of the broadest wage payment regulations in the nation, but unfortunately one particular class of workers is currently falling virtually completely through the cracks.  Under the New York Labor Law’s supporting regulations, which provide the applicable minimum wage rates in effect in the state, residential building superintendents [...]

Home Attendant Minimum Wage Class Action Certified

Beranbaum Menken is representing numerous home attendants who were not paid the minimum wage for each hour of their 24 hour shifts.  Our clients work an important and difficult job, caring for the aged and infirm in their homes, and they deserve to at least be paid for the hours they work. Yesterday, Justice Demarest [...]

Prevailing Wage Case Headed to New York Court of Appeals

Beranbaum Menken’s fight on behalf of SimplexGrinnell employees is headed to New York State’s highest court.  We had filed a class action lawsuit in the federal court in Brooklyn, New York on behalf of Simplex’s employees to recover prevailing wages for fire alarm and sprinkler work on public projects throughout the State of New York.  [...]

Court Workers Deserve Overtime, Too

A lawsuit filed recently in the Southern District of New York alleges that the Office of Court Administration (“OCA”) has been pressuring court clerks to work overtime without paying them for it. Court documents say that budget cuts and resultant staffing reductions have increased the workload for existing employees, and that impossible demands have forced [...]

Unpaid intern not protected from sexual harassment – but was she really an employee?

In Wang v. Phoenix Satellite Television US, Judge Castel in the Southern District of New York held that an unpaid intern has no protection from sexual harassment under the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). The plaintiff in that case was a masters’ degree student at Syracuse University who was hired as an intern [...]

Payroll cards could break the New York Labor Law

Payroll cards – essentially debit cards on which an employee receives their pay – have gotten a lot of attention lately. The New York Times covered this recently with a story highlighting the way the exorbitant fees on some of those payroll cards harmed workers who were earning little enough anyway.  The Times story focused [...]