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On January 5, 2016, Beranbaum Menken LLP filed a lawsuit in federal court against Viacom International Media Networks for its retaliatory firing of Nataki Williams, Vice President for Financial Planning and Analysis, after she spoke out against Viacom’s scheme to avoid paying US corporate taxes by transferring the licensing right of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [...]

Southern District of New York holds that a complaint to the SEC is not necessary for a whistleblower to be protected from retaliation

The Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) potentially makes it very lucrative for an employee to blow the whistle on their employer’s violations of the securities laws, if the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recovers money on behalf of defrauded investors because of the whistleblower’s information. But the DFA’s protections against whistleblower retaliation are equally important – few [...]

The Court Closes Doors on More Discrimination Cases

The Court this term has made enforcing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act harder than ever. In one opinion, discussed here, the Court made it harder to bring sexual harassment suits against employers by narrowing the definition of a “supervisor.” In Nassar, the Court also made it harder to prove unlawful retaliation. Federal law [...]

Victory to Report

In October 2008, Eugenie Gilmore, of the Law Office of Eugenie Gilmore, and BMBB’s John A. Beranbaum, tried a case in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, Judge Victor Marrero presiding, on behalf of two former employees of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, a City of New [...]